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Trauma Resilience in UK Policing


Covid19 brings unprecedented challenges to policing, as it does to other emergency responders, key workers and their famililes across the UK. Sponsored by Police Care UK, this project aims to help officers, staff and those in leadership to find resilience, to help them manage current challenges and to equip them for the future. Click on the links to find out more.

Easy read infographics for Covid19

Listening to the experiences of officers and decision-makers through our research, we produce resilience infographics; simple accessible material for guidance and awareness-raising on issues relating specifcially to Covid19. These are shared on social media with the aim to reach as many people as possible to support police wellbeing at work as practically as possible. Many are transferable across other emergency response and key worker roles. Infographics include: dealing with anxiety and uncertainty, working in isolation, unique challenges and neurodiversity, creating mental space around adversity, help for those supporting others through Covid 19 and grounding techniques. 

Animating trauma resilience

We have also produced an animation to introduce the idea of managing trauma exposure and building resilience in policing, particularly those new to wellbeing or the policing role. The animation is a good introduction to resilience techniques that officers can use on-the-spot at work. If you would like to access this animation, contact

In conversation...

Talking about resilience during Covid19 can be the most powerful way of supporting those who are experiencing this new and unchartered territory of working in a pandemic.

Working with the Police Federation of England & Wales (PFEW) Dr Jess Miller speaks with Che Donald (Vice Chair and Wellbeing Lead) tackling the immediate issues coming forward from serving officers on the ground in an interview which addresses: dealing with multiple sudden deaths, managing home and work boundaries and contamination risk, and handling anxiety on the job. To find out more and watch the interview, click here.

In a unique and exclusive interview with leading neuropsychologist Dr Rick Hanson, Jess Miller discusses the very latest advice on how to steer the policing brain for optimum resilience on the front line, and how leaders can build resilience through and from the Covid19 experience. The 30 minute discussion will inform new, accessible online guidance for officers and Chiefs on how to embed resilience in daily life and policing culture for a new Post-Covid19 world. 

For more information on Covid19 trauma resilience materials contact and follow @millerjessicak and #policingbrain and #Covid19TIPT or visit

Latest news

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27 January 2023

Dr Jess joins the amazing Surfwell Team to talk about policing, mental health and the impact of nature and an open mind on trauma resilience. To view the episode trailer, click here

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27 January 2023

Dr Jess talks openly about the current pressures on the UK police force and how the dynamic of compassion works both ways between policing and the social world we live in. To read the blog and hear more about the fantastic work of this pioneering coalition, click here

Sunday Times article : Special Measures, trauma and policing

1 August 2022

processed-7607bc32-902b-4cec-822c-ab29467a0ccd_mfykmuy2.jpeg Article in the Sunday Times featuring our research on working conditions and PTSD in contemporary UK policing, see: What it’s really like to be a police officer: ‘We get called murderers and rapists’ | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Sunday Times (

More project talk...