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Watch and listen to Rick and Jess here

Here is a summary of the interview between Dr Jess Miller and Dr Rick Hanson in April 2020:

00:01:31             Introduction: Rick wanting to help in Covid19, Resilient Book and relevance to police

00:04:01             National Police Wellbeing in the UK (a quote from CC Andy Rhodes)

00:05:15             What does resilience mean, especially during Covid19?

00:06:47             Hard-wiring new strengths for resilience in the brain, “No one can stop us doing this, but no one can do it for us”

00:08:20             Moving through trauma in policing: learning from experiences (such as moments of calm, strength, etc) to rewire the effect of trauma.

00:11:45             Do you want be the captain of your own ship? ‘Discretionary Powers’ to look after yourself in Covid19

00:14:00             Practical Daily Tips: Transforming experiences into traits; Managing Fight, Flight and Freeze (using the exhale); Reducing the mind’s chatter (using the body)

00:21:10             How to use vision to calm the mind: allocentric processing, the overhead view and Trauma Impact Processing Techniques (TIPT)

00:24:00             Police and home life: what it’s like to worry about bringing back Covid19 into the family

00:25:50             The difference between police duty (having to) and “wanting to”.

00:27:10             Taking refuge in what you know: you’ve done what you’ve had to do

00:20:08             The ‘Policing Tribe’: acknowledging the connection between us in a storm

00:30:35             Jess on the impact of single crewing and working in isolation in policing

00: 32:07            Question from Andrew Mc Neil from the UK government’s Mindfulness Initiative on the impact of being able to pay attention to the mind in the workplace

00:33:43             Moving from States to Traits- how to activate and install new thinking from the experiences we have at work: Note to Leadership

00:34:45             One Great Lesson from Covid19: the wake-up call when our props fall away

00:35:40             Competence and Autonomy in policing: do you want it or not?

00:35:56             Bottom Line: reducing policing costs, employee turnover, absence, ill-health retirement. Can Police leaders translate understanding of inner skills, emotional intelligence and internal resources into cold, clear numbers for enduring Force resilience?

00:39:00             New book: Neurodharma, meaning “the way it is”, brings neuroscience (‘from the outside, in’) and the wisdom traditions (‘from the inside, out’) together to demonstrate the mental resilience that is possible through deeper practice.

00:40:00             THANK YOU from Rick to UK police and from Jess to all ; )

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We are absolutely delighted to share that our project has featured in an essay by Jules Morgan in The Lancet Psychiatry on 21st March. Here is an extract : "People are only just starting to talk about complex PTSD, but we need to act now, says Jessica Miller (University of Cambridge, UK, and Police Care UK), Principal...

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