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Trauma Resilience in UK Policing


Easy read infographics for Covid19

Listening to the experiences of officers and decision-makers through our research, we produce resilience infographics; simple accessible material for guidance and awareness-raising on issues relating specifcially to Covid19. These are shared on social media with the aim to reach as many people as possible to support police wellbeing at work as practically as possible. Many are transferable across other emergency response and key worker roles.

Infographics include:

Working in isolation: advice on how to adjust smoothly to working more on your own or at home

Dealing with anxiety and uncertainty: understanding the natural and collective anxiety in response to a pandemic

Neurodiversity (unique challenges): raising awareness of uniques challenges  brought to Covid19 by ASDs, OCD, PTSD, Insomnia, Easting Disorders 

Help for people who are helping people: support for those who find themselves supporting others during Covid 19

Finding your feet: Four-step grounding technique for times of stress and discomfort to bring easy and steadiness

Making space in the brain: Four techniques to create mental space around difficulty- used to process trauma as part of the Trauma Impact Processing Techniques (TIPT) training from the RCT with Greater Manchester Police 2017-2019 and published in the Policing Journal: Theory, Principles and Practice with contribution from Dr Rick Hanson. 

As 2020 moved out of the first lockdown, we produced some more general resilience, The F Word (fear and threat perception in operational policing) and The C Word (compassion management in operational policing).

NEW for Lockdown#2 are two new infographics about what have learned the first time round in lockdown and how we can hardwire those 'lockdown life lessons' for resilience. One is lighthearted, the other more focussed for resilience. 

Latest news

Author's story

26 January 2024

The Marshwood Vale magazine of the South West features a front cover piece on Dr Jess Miller and how she found herself working in trauma resilience. To read a bit more about how the personal meets the professional, honouring the trusted adage "Re-search is Me-search", click here.

BLOG: The Policing Mind one year on

22 June 2023

Here Dr Jess talks about how her first book The Policing Mind: Trauma Resilience for a New Era has had impact since 2022: Transforming Society ~ Getting inside the policing mind In doing so, the book as been passed to the Home Secretary in the hope of further change to our police service being more trauma informed and open...

The Lancet featuring our trauma resilience project and trauma impact prevention techniques (TIPT)

23 March 2023

We are absolutely delighted to share that our project has featured in an essay by Jules Morgan in The Lancet Psychiatry on 21st March. Here is an extract : "People are only just starting to talk about complex PTSD, but we need to act now, says Jessica Miller (University of Cambridge, UK, and Police Care UK), Principal...

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